"Best match" in Qlik script

I just published another post on Data on the Rocks, a superblog with writers from around the world sharing their knowledge about the Qlik ecosystem.

"Best match" in Qlik Script (Data on the Rocks)

This post outlines how to use nested ApplyMap functions to land on the best match out of many possible relationships to incomplete or unreliable data.

ApplyMap('MapIdealMatch', LookupValue1,
    ApplyMap('MapNextBestMatch', LookupValue2,

There is also a variation on this simple solution that stores metadata about what match ended up being used, pictured in the image above (Quote Match Type column).

A common use case is to automatically choose the best available data source for a data element when the same information may be found in many tables or source systems, and you have a priority preference based on the quality of each.

Details can be found in the linked post.

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