Recipe for finding key words in free text


I just published another post on Data on the Rocks, a superblog with writers from around the world sharing their knowledge about the Qlik ecosystem.

Recipe for finding key words in free text (Data on the Rocks)

Have you ever tried to solve any of these problems?
  • What important key words can be found in a free text field?
  • What Qlik functions appear in reload logs or front-end expressions?
  • What connections or QVD names appear in reload logs?
  • What SQL functions appear in a reload log?
  • What data model fields are used in front-end expressions?
Qlik is efficient at parsing text for these use cases (>100K rows/second on my laptop), and it takes just three steps:
  1. Create a mapping table with the values you want to find
  2. Load the data and "tag" instances of the target values using MapSubstring
  3. Parse the "tagged" instances into their own table using LOAD WHILE and TextBetween
Details can be found in the linked post, along with an example app you can download.

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