PICK charts: a simple way to prioritize options

Still trudging through Lean Six Sigma for Service, I came across a simple but useful prioritization tool that I believe will stick with me, the PICK chart:


Image from CDOT

From HitDocs, which has a downloadable template:

The PICK Chart is a Lean/Six Sigma tool used to help prioritize ideas. The X axis represents the Effort to implement an idea, while the Y axis represents the expected Impact.

Four quadrants are displayed in the PICK Chart:

  • Possible: ideas that are considered "low hanging fruit". The effort to implement is low, but the impact is also low.  These should only be implemented after everything in the "Implement" quadrant.
  • Implement: ideas that should be implemented as they will have a high impact and require low effort
  • Challenge: ideas that should be considered for implementation after everything in the "Implement" column. The impact is high, but the effort is also high.
  • Kill: ideas that should be "killed" or not implemented. The effort to do so is high and the impact is low.

So the next time you are on a project and considering what ideas to implement or skip, map your conversation on the humble PICK chart.

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